eFLYING.news aims to be a leading news blog covering the increasing interest and developments in the industry of electric aviation. This includes everything related to fully electric and hybdrid electric flight, including but not limited to

  • Vertical Take-Off and Landing aircraft
  • General and commercial aviation
  • Urban Air Mobility industry
  • Small Unmanned Aerial Systems used in a UAM capacity

The focus lies on technological advancements and revolutions in the way we transport items and people. Our passion is electric VTOL aircraft, fixed wing aircraft, whether conversion or entirely new designs, and multirotors. This includes developments in related fields such as propulsion, autonomous aircraft or legislation and regulation. We don’t intend to cover the full extent of the small UAS market, which is covered by many existing news sources. When it comes to sUAS, we will limit us to how UAS operate in a Urban Air Mobility capacity, such as delivery drones or interaction with other air traffic.

Thanks for reading, and I encourage you to use the contact page if you want to leave a message about bugs, improvements, or general comments.

– Bruno Moorthamers