Jaunt Air Mobility to explore hybrid-electric aircraft with VerdeGo Aero

Jaunt Air Mobility signed a memorandum of understanding with VerdeGo Aero to explore the development of hybrid-electric aircraft. Jaunt Air Mobility is developing an electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft built around a large central rotor for hover and fully vertical flight, similar to a helicopter. The torque generated by the main rotor is countered not by a tail rotor, but by 4 small wing-mounted electric motors. These are also used for forward propulsion. The all-electric craft is said to be 100 times quieter than a helicopter and will fly 980lbs of payload (cargo or passengers) over a range of 80 miles at 175mph.

Photo Credit: Jaunt Air Mobility

VerdeGo Aero produces diesel (Jet-A) hybrid-electric systems with a 180kW generator coupled to high-efficiency battery packs. Emissions and fuel burn are said to be decreased by 35% when compared to conventional turbine powertrains, while operating costs can be lowered by up to 40%. In recent times, the company signed similar agreements with XTI Aircraft and Airflow.

While confident in the battery-electric Jaunt Journey, for the urban air mobility market, our customers also have different operational mission requirements. VerdeGo’s system offers a unique bridge to meeting those demands.
– Martin Peryea, CEO of Jaunt Air Mobility

The additional range enabled with VerdeGo’s hybrid system applied in the Jaunt aircraft will enable either longer missions or multiple short back-to-back missions without the requirement for energy infrastructure at every landing site. Rapid turnaround, high utilization, and enhanced mission capability make the hybrid aircraft extremely competitive.
– Eric Bartsch, CEO or VerdeGo Aero

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