Bye Aerospace signs agreement with Aerospace9 for investment and 300 unit order

Bye Aerospace, the electric aircraft manufacturer in Denver, Colorado, signed a key agreement with Aerospace9, a Korean information technology firm active in the aviation industry. The agreement includes an investment as well as an order with purchase deposits for 150 eFlyer 2, 148 eFlyer 4, and 2 Envoy aircraft. Aerospace9 is commited to serving the Asian market.

Bye Aerospace is currently seeking FAA certification for the eFlyer family of aircraft. The aircraft are claimed to have operating costs that are one fifth of those of comparable combustion engine powered aircraft, no carbon dioxide emissions and decreased noise. The eFlyer 2 features a low wing with a span of nearly 38 feet, giving it a glide ratio of 20, which the company claims is about twice as aerodynamically efficient as a Cessna 172. It is powered by a 90kW electric motor and its batteries allow it to fly for around 3 hours at a cruise speed of 138kts (256kmh). It can carry a 450lbs payload. The eFlyer 4 design will be based on the smaller aircraft but seat 4 people and have a payload capacity of 800lbs. The Envoy will be a twin-motor powered 9-seater and is to be announced soon. In total, Bye Aerospace now has 711 units in its order books.

Photo Credit: Bye Aerospace

We are extremely honored to share with Aerospace9 in this extraordinary announcement. Bye Aerospace is on a rigorous path to achieve FAA certification on our eFlyer 2 airplane, and once that approval is obtained, to begin production on our expanding backlog of orders.
– George E. Bye, CEO of Bye Aerospace, Inc

This investment is not just a purchase contract, it is a very meaningful contract that creates an amazing opportunity for Asia. Our company has a very important responsibility in the aviation industry as a new strategic partner of Bye Aerospace.
– Seunghyuk Cha, Chairman of Aerospace 9

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