Embraer launches Eve as an independent UAM company

Embraer, the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer, has launched Eve Urban Air Mobility Solutions to accelerate their activities in the Urban Air Mobility market. EmbraerX, the innovation subsidiary of the company, was already partnered with Uber and working on the design of an eVTOL vehicle. André Stein, former head of strategy for EmbraerX, will take on the role of CEO of Eve.

Splitting off as a subsidiary allows Eve to have a startup mindset while still using Embraer’s extensive expertise. They are continuing with the eVTOL design that was incubated at EmbraerX. The aircraft flew in an engineering simulator in July 2020 and the company considers it actually certifiable. Eve will work closely together with Atech, another subsidiary of Embraer that is working in the areas of air traffic, cyber security, instrumentation and control systems, and simulators.

Photo Credit: Embraer

We value the vast potential of the UAM market, as it represents a new business segment in which we foresee significant opportunities for Embraer. Innovation and diversification are key pillars of Embraer’s new strategic plan, which will increase revenue and improve profitability over the next few years. That is why I am eager to announce Eve, the first company to graduate from EmbraerX. Eve stands primed to create a new frontier in transportation with intelligent, environmentally friendly, autonomous-ready aircraft and the associated ubiquitous support and urban air traffic management solutions.
– Francisco Gomes Neto, President and CEO of Embraer

Eve’s launch is an important next step in commercializing Embraer’s eVTOL designs while building on Embraer’s ability to design, certify, and deliver safe, globally-accepted aircraft. We look forward to our continued partnership to make aerial ridesharing a reality.
– Eric Allison, Head of Uber Elevate

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