Potential Rolls-Royce eVTOL prototype spotted at Cranfield Airport

Aerospace Engineering student at Cranfield University, Hari Venkitaraman, uploaded a video to Reddit’s /r/aerospace community showing an unknown eVTOL protoype with rotating rotors, presumably doing some sort of ground testing at Cranfield Airport. The model appears to be full-scale and features a tilting main wing and horizontal tail that go from nearly horizontal to vertical over the course of the one-minute video.

Video Credit: Hari Venkitaraman

The model shows great resemblance to a Rolls-Royce concept that was unveiled in July 2018 and it appears this is in fact the same aircraft. The engine manufacturer acquired Siemens’ eAircraft business which would certainly benefit them in developing eVTOL concepts. Rolls-Royce has declined to comment on the appearance of the aircraft and it is unknown if and when it will take to the skies.

Photo Credit: Rolls-Royce
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