MagniX and Universal Hydrogen join forces to electrify Dash 8 regional aircraft

MagniX, a manufacturer of electric propulsion for commercial aircraft based in Redmond, Washington, is partnering with Universal Hydrogen to convert a De Havilland Dash 8 to fly electrically. Universal Hydrogen is a startup in Los Angeles developing hydrogen fuel-cell power systems. MagniX has experience in retrofitting existing airframes with electric propulsion. They first flew an electric version of the De Havilland Beaver in 2019 and in June of this year magniX flew a converted Cessna Grand Caravan as the largest fully electric aircraft to date.

Universal Hydrogen is developing a retrofit hydrogen fuel-cell kit for the De Havilland Canada DHC8-Q300, better known as the Dash 8, a 40-passenger regional aircraft of which over 1,250 have been built since 1983. MagniX will bring the electric propulsion, which provides two megawatts on each wing. After their eBeaver and eCaravan, this is a significant step in scaling up their zero-emission commercial aviation solutions. Their current products on offer deliver 280 to 560 kilowatts in power. After succesful implementation in the Dash 8, the companies expect their technology can be used to retrofit aircraft of the ATR 42 family as well.

Photo Credit: magniX

Universal Hydrogen, through its hydrogen transport and distribution infrastructure solution, is on a path to change the way regional flight is achieved and transform it from being powered by decades-old, expensive, polluting technology to low-cost clean solutions. The magniX team is inspired by the synergies between our mission and that of Universal Hydrogen. Together, we will bring scalable, proven technology to the next level of electric aviation.
– Roei Ganzarski, CEO of magniX

There is a clear need for a step change in emissions reduction in commercial aviation, and hydrogen-based, carbon-free power is the future of the industry. When looking for our propulsion partner, magniX stood out as a clear proven leader with a track-record of delivering the best in aerospace-grade electric propulsion. We look forward to watching the successful flights of our fully carbon-free Dash 8.
– Paul Eremenko, co-founder and CEO of Universal Hydrogen

Photo Credit: De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Ltd
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