Baykar is the first Turkish company to test-fly their eVTOL

Baykar Defence flew their flying car, the Cezeri, for the first time. It is the first Turkish manufacturer to successfully test an eVTOL aircraft. It was tethered to a rope for the first tests, but flew freely on Tuesday 15th September. The aircraft, weighing 230kg, can only carry one passenger fully autonomously. During the test flights, it flew completely unmanned. Chief Technology Officer, Selçuk Bayraktar, said more developed prototypes will fly with passengers in the future, and the next version will be able to carry more than one occupant.

Baykar says future  pilots will need minimum technical or aviation knowledge, thanks to high safety, three redundant flight systems, and artificial intelligence. The final version of Cezeri is expected to cruise at 100km/h with a range of 70-80km. Bayraktar said it may take another 10-15 years to launch the final version, but we could witness recreational use within 3-4 years. An important goal of the company and the project is to instill self-confidence and motivation into the Turkish youth. The flying car is named after Ismail al-Jazari, one of the great Muslim inventors and engineers of the Islamic Golden Age, who lived in eastern Anatolia during the 12th century.

Photo Credit: Baykar Defence
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