Autoflight announces unmanned V400 eVTOL family

Chinese eVTOL manufacturer Autoflight unveiled two new aircraft under the V400 Albatross name at the 2020 World UAV Conference held in Shenzhen, China, on September 13th 2020. The unmanned models are intended for logistics, with a payload capacity of 100kg and a maximum takeoff weight of 400kg. Autoflight is planning two versions to provide different ranges. Both versions use a fixed wing and canard configuration for lift in forward flight and eight electric motors for hover, take-off and landing. The difference lies in their propulsion for forward flight, with the V400 electric featuring two electric motors in a push-pull configuration, good for a range of 300km. The V400 hybrid version uses one combustion engine in the rear for cruise, giving it a range of 1000km and making it the eVTOL with the longest range and highest payload in China.

Photo Credit: Autoflight

With a maximum take-off altitude of 5,000 meters, the V400 aircraft promise usability in a wide variety of terrain. The use of a canard configuration should provide good stall characteristics and an efficient aerodynamic design. The aircraft have been designed with certification, redundancy and safety in mind, and can be flown fully autonomously and over 4G and 5G networks. They can be equipped with an airframe parachute for worst case scenarios. Autoflight intends to market the V400 line for express delivery, disaster relief and first response.

Photo Credit: Autoflight
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