Airspeeder teams up with Acronis to assure safety in electric flying car races

Airspeeder has teamed up with Acronis, the global leader in cyber protection, in a technical and strategic partnership. Alauda, the eVTOL manufacturer behind the world’s first electric flying car racing series, will benefit from the partnership through technical and commercial support. Acronis will ensure data security for the LiDAR and Machine Vision technology being used in the races to create virtual force-fields around each racing car to prevent collisions and assure safety. Acronis is working with Teknov8, a global provider of cyber security solutions. The accelerated development of this technology will eventually benefit the wider eVTOL and Urban Air Mobility industry, a sector estimated to be worth $1.5 trillion by 2040 by investment bank Morgan Stanley.

“At Airspeeder we are creating an aerial motorsport driven by innovation. Backing from Acronis, a business with an extraordinary culture of technological success in Formula One and Formula E represents significant affirmation of our vision to accelerate the next great mobility revolution through sporting competition.”
– Matt Pearson, founder of Alauda and Airspeeder

Acronis is currently already working with sporting entities such as Formula 1 and Formula E to deliver performance-enhancing, secure data analysis solutions. Alauda built Airspeeder based on the philosophy that extreme sports greatly accelerate technical progress. They expect the eVTOL market will benefit from the Airspeeder Grand Prix races in a similar way to how Formula 1 is responsible for important innovations and technologies that eventually find their way to the commercial automotive industry.

The first Airspeeder Grand Prix should take place in 2021. All teams will make use of the Airspeeder Mk4, a manned multirotor with 8 electric motors flying at a maximum speed of 130km/h for 12 minutes.

Photo Credit: Airspeeder

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