Piper Aircraft sues Archer Aviation over use of the name Archer

Piper Aircraft, the nearly century old general aviation manufacturer famous for the iconic Piper J-3 Cub, is suing eVTOL startup Archer Aviation for use of the name Archer. The company, headquartered in Vero Beach, Florida but owned by the government of Brunei , claims the eVTOL startup violates the trademarked name. In 1974, Piper Aircraft divided its line of Cherokee aircraft into different designations, one of which is the Piper Archer. All members of the Cherokee family combined, Piper has built well in excess of 32,000 airplanes of the types. The case was filed at the US District Court in Delaware, where Archer Aviation is incorporated.

Archer Aviation has been a well-kept secret for a while, but was officially announced as working on an electric vertical and take-off aircraft earlier this year. The company has a talented team of people hailing from the likes of Joby Aviation, Wisk Aero and A³. They are working on a six-rotor battery-powered aircraft that can fly distances of up to 60 miles at 150mph. Marc Lore, president of Walmart eCommerce, is reportedly the largest investor in the company. Archer has not yet publicly responded on the lawsuit.

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