LIFT Aircraft performs flight under watchful eye of US Air Force officials

Agility Prime is a US Air Force program launched in April 2020 to accelerate the commercial market for advanced air mobility (AAM) vehicles. By leveraging their testing resources and experience, the Air Force hopes to mitigate regulatory risks for smaller innovators. The goal is to bring industry, investors and government together to benefit the Urban Air Mobility market. It initiated the “Race to Certification”, hoping to allow the government to procure operational capabilities by 2023.

One of the partners, Texas-based LIFT Aircraft, introduced the Air Force Chief of Staff Charles Q. Brown and other leaders to the Hexa aircraft with the first demonstration flight in the Agility Prime program. The flight, held at Camp Mabry near Austin, Texas on August 20th 2020, was performed by the LIFT Aircraft CEO, lasted four minutes and showed the Hexa hovering and flying withing 12 meters of the ground.

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