EHang joins air ambulance development team in ICAO Ambular project

EHang, the Chinese manufacturer of autonomous and passenger-carrying multirotors, has joined the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in their Ambular project to aid in the development of their air ambulance. The Ambular project aims to introduce an affordable and open-source eVTOL aircraft for emergency medical response situations. It hopes to inspire the aviation community and convince them of the potential of eVTOL technology.

As the first hardware partner in the project, EHang will provide at least rotors and motors, as well as bring their technical expertise. While it is unclear what else EHang will bring to the table, ICAO said wanting to have a 1/4 scale prototype ready in four to five years. That demonstrator will have to indicate if a full-scale prototype is waranted and what other hardware and technology is required.

In February 2020, EHang used their 216 aircraft to transport medical supplies and personnel int he fight against the COVID-19 outbreak.

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