Airbus to continue testing of eVTOL CityAirbus in Manching, Germany

Airbus has moved its CityAirbus prototype to Manching, Germany for further flight testing. The CityAirbus is a remotely piloted or autonomously flying eVTOL able of carrying four passengers. Its eight 100kW electric motors and 110kWh battery allow it to fly for 15 minutes at 120km/h. It is designed to be quiet and in an urban environment will bring passengers from point A to point B three times faster than a car would.

Originally planned for earlier in the year, the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the transfer to last week. The test site in Manching allows Airbus to fly at higher speeds and for longer distances than their previous facility in Donauwörth, Germany. There, the aircraft recently carried out its first fully autonomaus flight. A video of that feat can be seen below.

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